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Matt Coat – 1lt

SKU: 601212

Top quality and catalyzed fixative / coat. This mixture is composed by coat and gloss of first installation from the most important European tanneries and it has been created to give the right opacity into the interiors of the houses. The coat must be mixed with “Matt Coat”, preferably 75/25, and with “Green Catalyst” at 3%. The Pot life of the product is about 8 hours at standard temperature ( 20°c). It can be used an airbrush, padding, brush or a roll. One or two coats are enaugh for airbrush use. The product dries in 20 minutes at 20°c (it depends on temperature, humidity levels, product and support). It can be dried also using a phone or an infrared lamp, to speed up the processing times. Shake the can lightly before use.

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